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“William and Kate back home with Britain's new princess”, “Death toll from Nepal earthquake climbs to 7,240”, “N. Nazarbayev and X. Jinping to have talks in Astana”, “Chinese President to visit Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus”

1 242 просмотрs “William and Kate back home with Britain's new princess" - Prince William and his wife Kate were to spend their first day back home with their new baby daughter on Sunday as Britain celebrates the birth of a new princess. The couple, their one-year-old son Prince George and the new arrival were to spend time relaxing together at their Kensington Palace apartment, the day after Kate gave birth to a baby girl born fourth in line to the throne. “Death toll from Nepal earthquake climbs to 7,240" - Death toll from the powerful earthquake in Nepal has climbed to 7, 240 on Sunday, the Ministry of Home Affairs said, Kazinform refers to A total of 14,122 others have been injured in the quake which rattles the country on April 25. The earthquake has also done great harm to Nepal's tourism industry as at least 14 historic buildings have been destroyed or severely damaged, including 12 on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. “N. Nazarbayev and X. Jinping to have talks in Astana" - The press service of the president of Kazakhstan announced about the upcoming talks with the participation of N. Nazarbayev. It is planned that the Head of State will receive former head of the European Commission J. Barroso on May 5. On May 6, a ceremony of presenting national awards and military promotions will take place. “Chinese President to visit Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus”- Cinese President Xi Jinping will start a three-nation tour starting from Thursday, according to the Foreign Ministry. His first stop is Kazakhstan, at the invitation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Then from Friday to next Monday, he will be in Russia at the invitation of his counterpart Vladimir Putin, to attend Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, to mark the end of World War Two.

May 4 2015, 11:09

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