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“Nazarbayev Apologetic for Lopsided Election Results”, “Kazakhstan president wins 97 percent of vote; Sudan president wins 94 percent”, “Kazakhstan election avoids question of Nazarbayev successor”, “Adopted twins journey from Kazakhstan to U.S. military”

1 439 просмотрs “Nazarbayev Apologetic for Lopsided Election Results" - The results of the April 26 presidential election in Kazakhstan offer a good illustration of President Nursultan Nazarbayev's aversion to what he described last month as “forced democracy." He won reelection with almost 98 percent of the vote. “Kazakhstan president wins 97 percent of vote; Sudan president wins 94 percent" - President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan was declared to have been re-elected Monday, winning 94 percent of the vote in balloting that was boycotted by opposition groups and marred by low turnout and public apathy. Meanwhile, election officials in Kazakhstan announced on Monday that voters had re-elected Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, 74, with a whopping 97.7 percent of the vote. “Kazakhstan election avoids question of Nazarbayev successor" - The 74-year-old president is set to be reinstated by his loyal followers on Sunday, but the failure to consider a successor is making the outside world nervous. From nervous students to frail war veterans, state television anchors to professional sportspeople, one by one they climbed on to the stage to unleash breathless eulogies in honour of their leader.

Image 0 “Adopted twins journey from Kazakhstan to U.S. military" - At night when they were little, she would run to his room when a thunderstorm raged outside. At school in their adolescent years, he defended her when others would torment. A young man with broad shoulders and firm biceps, Michael Gore always took care of his twin sister, a tiny bundle of energy who stands barely reaching his collarbone. He always was taught, he says, to defend self and family "no matter what." Now - at 17 years old - he will soon add another responsibility. Defending his country.

April 28 2015, 11:01

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