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​“Artificial liver” starts supporting chronically ill in Atyrau

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

Image 0In Atyrau regional hospital "MARS" albumine dialysis medical device, in other words, an artificial liver was put into operation.

This adsorbing recirculating system is usually available only in special scientific medical institutions of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent, since besides its high cost, the services are also very expensive. One session of an albumine dialysis costs 1,3 million tenge.

- Our region received "MARS" thanks to sponsorship from ExxonMobil company. The device cannot be prescribed to any patient, therefore there is a strict selection of patients going on. It is generally intended for the patients who are expecting liver transplantation, as well as for those who have consequences of viral hepatitises, hepatic encephalopathy, kidneys' disfunction (hepatogenous syndrome), spontaneous bacterial sepsis, - says the chief physician of the regional hospital Sain Shomyrov. - So far only one patient from Atyrau had undergone the albumine dialysis treatment. It was the woman with second stage cirrhosis and multiple complications. Her level of bilirubin was very high and she had darkened skin, strong skin itch and sleep disorder. After MARS therapy she felt much better.

Since the device is only one for the whole Western Kazakhstan, patients from other areas can come to Atyrau. It should be noted that this expensive treatment is paid by the government through the committee for payment of medical services.

Photo taken by Kanat Eleuov
April 27 2015, 15:54

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