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​"Memorial wall" will be unveiled on May 5

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By Murat sultangaliev

Image 0The memorial complex "Memorial Wall" which is currently under construction in Victory Park next to "Eternal flame" will be ready by May 5, local government administration press service informed.

The main element of the memorial - a triumphal arch is located in the center where, according to architects' plan, the visitors will lay flowers. The arch will be made of white travertine, surrounded by eight vertical granite plates where names of Atyrau Oblast citizesn who didn't return from war will be cut in gold letters. Also in the center of the memorial two bas-reliefs made of black granite with the images of Kazakhstan soldiers - the war veterans will be installed. Along the middle line of the ensemble benches and flower-beds will be constructed.

Within the framework of the project the entrance gate of the park will be also reconstructed. They will be made in the form of a triumphal arch made of red granite and light travertine. On the top part of the arch “Zhenis sayabagy"("Victory park") will be written that will be crowned with the star of the Great Patriotic War order.

Photo taken by Kanat Eleuov

April 27 2015, 09:56

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