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​Kazakhstan's Aktau seaport expansion project to kick off July 2015

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Image 0The first phase of the expansion of Aktau seaport will begin in July 2015, the project completion is scheduled for 2016, chairman of Aktau seaport's board Amirbek Tulegenov said, reports Novosti-Kazakhstan.

The first phase of the project - construction of the pier - will launch in July 2015. The total investment in the project is 27 billion tenge, it will create more than 200 jobs, said Tulegenov.

The contractor of the project is Kazakhstan Temir Joly JSC, investor - Dubai Port World.

Cargoes will be delivered in Aktau via rail road, and then the freight will go from seaport to Europe and Iran, he explained.

“In addition to the opening of the railway "Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran," another road "Aktau-Egzali" (Iran) will launch," said Tulegenov.

It is expected that with the expansion of Aktau, the annual cargo transportation capacity will increase to 19.5 million tons.


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