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“12 Simple Ways to Be More Attractive”, “Portuguese researchers discover the secret of Mind Control”, “5 Similarities Between Spain's Podemos Party and Greece's Syriza”

983 просмотрs 12 Simple Ways to Be More Attractive" - We want one thing common: being more attractive. But the purpose for being attractive varies. What's yours? Well, you needn't share! To strike your attractive physique, maintain these tips and you will be surprised seeing how magically they work! “Portuguese researchers discover the secret of Mind Control" - Mind control is the stuff of pure science fiction, but today reading data from your brain has never been more accurate, and that opens the way to, for example, controlling machines. A recent drone flight from an airfield outside Lisbon may prove to be historic. Its flight was remotely controlled by the pilot's mind. It's an impressive result delivered by a European research project to develop technology to transform the lives of disabled people.

“Do you know: how will drones change the world?” - Suddenly, the drones are everywhere: from hi-tech toys to flying cameras to fearsome weapons striking from the skies, unmanned planes and helicopters are changing the world we live in. Ricardo Mendes, head of Lisbon-based company that develops and manufactures drones, explains. “5 Similarities Between Spain's Podemos Party and Greece's Syriza" - Syriza, the leftist coalition elected last month to lead Greece, has an ally in Spain's Podemos party, the subject of a page-one article in The Wall Street Journal. Podemos, which is surging in voter surveys less than a year before Spanish elections, shares Syriza's outlook on eurozone troubles that have hit both countries hard.

April 20 2015, 17:40

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