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Vzglyad opposition newspaper closed down by court

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The Prosecutor's Office won the lawsuit against the Vzglayd opposition newspaper and its online outlets over propagating the extremist ideas, said the International Fund for Freedom of Speech Adil Soz.

"According to the court decision coming in effect on January 3, the Vzglyad newspaper publication will be suspended," said Adil Soz.

At the final hearings, two experts invited by the defense, testified in court that they had found no evidence of the newspaper disseminating extremist ideas.

The newspaper wants to bring the case to the court of appeal.

As reported, the Almaty prosecutors had filed a lawsuit seeking the closure of a ban on the dissemination on the territory of Kazakhstan of eight newspapers and 23 Internet publications published by the media organization Respublika, the newspaper Vzglyad and its Internet publications, and the foreign television channels K+ and Stan-TV and their Internet sites.


December 22 2012, 14:08

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