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​Fresh fish for sale

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

Image 0On April 10, fish sale season in pavilions on water has been opened.

Today two pavilions were working: one near the regional government office (production cooperative "Amangeldy" and the second in Zhilgorodok (“Zhemchuzhina" LLP). Last year the fish cooperatives started to sell live and chilled fish in the middle of summer and there were four pavilions working. They were very popular with locals and many people used to come early in the morning so that they could buy fresh fish.

In this season, according to the director of Zhemchuzhina LLP Gulfara Ismagulova, there is more fish compared to last year.

- We are selling carp (sazan), zherekh (asp), bream, vobla (roach) and some rudd. All fish is fresh, literally directly from the water. Zherekh costs 250 tenge per kg, big caprs (sazans) weighing 7 kg cost 300 tenge per kg.

This year it is also scheduled to have 4 points of sale. Soon two more points will open when there is more fish.

April 10 2015, 16:51

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