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​Foreign investors filed 60 complaints in Kazakhstan

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Image 0The Ministry of Investments and Development received 60 complaints from foreign investors, said Borisbiy Zhangurazov, chairman of the national agency for export and investments "Kaznex Invest".

"We have received 60 complaints lately. Investors may submit a claim to the Ministry on Investments and Development, they will be considered by the investment ombudsman. Our contractor - legal company- is analyzing the complaints, after that, proposals are made concerning the change of regulations, to avoid repetition of problematic cases," he said.
He added, the companies applying to courts because of investment disputes have no right to apply to the investment ombudsman.
"The judicial process may be limitation for an investor, the investment ombudsman has no right to interfere such a dispute," he added.

Source: KazTAG

April 10 2015, 13:26

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