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​Kazakhstan to overhaul gambling legislation

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Image 0New bill bans remote gambling. The Republic of Kazakhstan's Senate committee is reportedly in the process of debating a draft law on amendments to a range of legislative acts that include gambling.

Amendments to existing gambling law were introduced by Kazakhstan's Minister of Culture & Sports, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly , at an extended session of the Committee for economic policy, innovative development & entrepreneurship , this week.

According to multiple media sources, the draft bill prohibits remote gambling under the Civil Procedure Code. It also outlaws any gambling internet resources offered by local & foreign operators.

Other amendments concern terrestrial gambling establishments & include new restrictions for betting offices along with restrictions on the number of gambling tables & gaming machines at casinos.

The procedure for attaining a gambling licence would also be reviewed & tightened as well as a reevaluation of existing tax rates.


April 9 2015, 15:49

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