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​Atyrau and Marseilles became twin cities

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Image 0Kazakhstan's Atyrau and French Marseilles became sister cities.

"Kazakhstan is a very promising and attractive partner for cooperation. Marseilles and Atyrau have much in common. The port French city, as well as Atyrau, develops refineries, chemical plants, fishing industry and pharmaceuticals. In addition, we propose to develop tourism. I hope that we will find common interests that will be beneficial for both countries," said General Consul of France in Almaty Patrick Renard at a meeting with Governor of Atyrau region.

According to Mr. Renard, Marseille supplies fishing products to four European countries. Agro-industrial complex is engaged in cultivation of environmentally friendly agricultural products. In addition Marseille plans to launch a new pharmaceutical factory which will produce more than 50 items of medicines.

In conclusion the General Consul noted that in Atyrau operate 4 companies with the participation of French investments.

April 9 2015, 15:32

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