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“Wikipedia founder thinks twice about Kazakhstan”, "Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist over anti-Kiev posts", “In Russia-West tug of war, Moldova sees EU as only option”,

1 328 просмотрs “Wikipedia founder thinks twice about Kazakhstan" - Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales' opinion of Kazakhstan has reportedly changed. Four years ago, he praised the country, naming Rua Kenzhekhanuly, who is now a government employee, the inaugural “Wikipedian of the Year" for his work with WikiBilim, a Kazakh-language platform. “If I had known in 2011 that someone would get a job that I disapprove of in 2014, would I refuse to give them an award in 2011?" Wales said. “Yes, I would have refused to give that award." "Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist over anti-Kiev posts" - A Ukrainian-born pianist was barred from playing at Canada's Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter, according to the soloist herself. The move led to a social media storm tagged #LetValentinaPlay. The orchestra has officially announced its decision to drop pianist Valentina Lisitsa from its Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 program earlier this week. TSO President and CEO Jeff Melanson cited“ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets," adding that Lisitsa's“provocative comments" had allegedly “overshadowed past performances." “In Russia-West tug of war, Moldova sees EU as only option" - Moldova's decision to sign key trade and political agreements with the European Union has cost it dearly, as its giant trading partner Russia swiftly punished it through an embargo strangling its farm and wine industries.

April 8 2015, 10:42

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