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Zhanaozen shoot-out (+Video)

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Screenshot from videoScreenshot from videoIn Mangistau Oblast two young men had it out with traumatic weapons in local shop. The attackers in the presence of other buyers wounded two visitors in the shop and disappeared from the scene, reports citing

On the video where shootout has been recorded, one can see how two armed guys rushed into the shop and shot at visitors. One of shop visitors hides behind the counter, but it apparently have not saved him. Having shot finally at a show-window, the criminals disappeared.

Mangistau Oblast Internal Affairs Deprtment press service commented that the crime took place in “Darkhan" shop in Zhanaozen at around 22 hours on April 3, when two amed guys entered the shop and fired at visitors.

Criminal police of Zhanaozen managed to detain the suspects. They established that there were three attackers aged 20-25 years from Zhanaozen. There were two victims also from Zhanaozen, one of them is 22 and the second 20 years old man.

The police established that those two groups of people had cold-shouldered relationships. During the shootout two men were injured. The victims were tracked down by the attackers and they followed them until the shop.

- Two victims with wounds were taken to hospital where they received medical care. Nothing threatens their lives. Suspects were caught when they were hiding at their relatives' house. Both attackers were put into custody in Aktau and currently they are giving evidences. Weapons have been withdrawn, they were unregistered., - commented Aliya Shermagambetova, the head of press service of Internal Affairs.

According to her, both victims refuse to give evidences and declare that they have no claims to the offenders. – Nevertheless, a criminal case has been initiated against the attackers,- concluded Aliya Shermagambetova.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

April 6 2015, 12:08

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