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Caspian depression resources will be explored in Kazakhstan

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As stated in the Energy Ministry, there are grounds to believe that in future Caspian depression can become a world's largest center of oil and gas production.

In next 3-5 years, it is planned to develop in Kazakhstan a comprehensive target state program of geo-exploration of deep subsurface and hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian depression, cites the Energy Ministry reporting.

"There is reason to believe that in the future Caspian depression will become the world's largest center for oil and gas production", - the ministry said.

The works will be carried out in the frames of the project "Eurasia" by the newly created international consortium of the known oil companies interested in the program.

Basing on the geophysical studies, location will determined for drilling 14-15 kilometers deep.

Geographically, the Caspian depression is located on the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia, therefore the project "Eurasia" is to be implemented in close teamwork with application of breakthrough technologies of scientific research universities, new composite materials, elements of space technologies.

Source: kazpravda

April 6 2015, 10:34

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