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Kazakhstan to enhance transportation security

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Kazakhstan will introduce a number of measures aimed at improving transportation security, the executive secretary of the Kazakh Ministry of Transport and Communication Zhenis Kasymbek said Wednesday in Majilis (the lower chamber of the Kazakh parliament) when presenting the bill.

“According to experts, terrorists most often attack transport (about 40% to 70% of all cases). Currently, there is no integrated security system in place and the transport infrastructure is not ready for prevention of terrorist acts. We need to develop a required legal framework to enhance transport security,” said Zhenis Kasymbek . 

The proposed law requires that all transport infrastructures be supplied with special equipment, security and video surveillance systems.

According to the bill, the security personnel at the airports will be allowed to carry firearms, added Beken Seidakhmetov, head of the Civil Aviation Committee. 

December 14 2012, 12:34

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