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"Iran's best Caspian Sea prospects are in deepwater", “Trawler sinking off Russia kills 56, dozens rescued”, “Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed”, “Kremlin says Russians are drinking less and exercising more. Are they?", “Holy Wee

April 3 2015, 10:57 "Iran's best Caspian Sea prospects are in deepwater, and rigs are scarce" - Seismic newly acquired across Iran's South Caspian basin indicates "world class" geology, according to exploration co-venturer Lasmo. However, most of the structures imaged lie under water depths up to 900 meters, in a region where deepwater rigs are already scarce. “Trawler sinking off Russia kills 56, dozens rescued” - A fishing trawler sank in freezing waters off Russia's Far East on Thursday, killing at least 56 people and setting off a frantic search for survivors that led to dozens being rescued alive. In the worst such accident in recent Russian history, some 132 people were on board the Dalny Vostok when it went down at around 6:30 am (2030 GMT on Wednesday) in the Sea of Okhotsk off the Kamchatka peninsula, possibly after a collision.

“Hugo Chavez' favorite daughter makes UN debut as US bashed” - With more than a million Twitter followers and no diplomatic experience, the favorite daughter of Venezuela's late leader Hugo Chavez made her debut Wednesday as her country's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations. The occasion: A "Day of Solidarity" where Syria, Russia and others lined up to slam the United States for its recent sanctions against seven senior officials of the socialist country. “Kremlin says Russians are drinking less and exercising more. Are they?” - The Kremlin says Russians are drinking and smoking far less and exercising far more than just a few years ago. Has Russia finally gotten the upper hand on the chronic health problems that have caused its demographic decline? Maybe not. Experts warn that while Russians do appear to be living healthier lives now, the improvement shown in figures gathered by Rosstat, the official statistics agency, are likely an effort to demonstrate that President Vladimir Putin is fulfilling three-year-old election pledges. “Holy Week around the world” - Christians around the world celebrate the week leading up to Easter Sunday.




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