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“Martin Murray wants Golovkin rematch”, “Andrew Getty found dead in LA home”, “Hard work versus talent”, “What would Karl Marx make of the 21st Century?”, “Hungarian PM: We feel at home in Kazakhstan”

1 117 просмотрs “Martin Murray wants Golovkin rematch” - British Martin Murray (29-2-1, 12 KO) says he wants a rematch against the WBA (Super), IBO and WBC (Interim) middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin who stopped him in the 11th round of their February fight, Kazinform refers to But this time Murray wants to fight Golovkin at 168 (super middleweight), after cutting down to 160 for the first bout in Monte Carlo.

“Hungarian PM: We feel at home in Kazakhstan” - Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban told that he feels at home in Kazakhstan as opposed to the EU. He told it after the talks in Astana.

"We are always glad to come to Kazakhstan. We are equal in political terms in the European Union, but genealogically we are different. When we go to Brussels we do not have any relatives there. But when we come to Kazakhstan we have close people here. It is a strange feeling for us but it is true. Therefore, Hungarian delegations always come to Kazakhstan with pleasure," the Prime Minister of Hungary told. “Andrew Getty found dead in LA home” - Andrew Getty, the grandson of J Paul Getty and one of the heirs to the family fortune, has been found dead at home, his parents have confirmed. Mr Getty, 47, was found dead in the bathroom of his Hollywood Hills residence on Tuesday afternoon. The Los Angeles coroner's office said initial reports suggested death was a result of natural causes or accident.

“Hard work versus talent” - If you had enough practice, advice and expert training, could you become a success at anything? How much is achievement based on natural ability and how much hard work? For instance, could an "unco-ordinated computer geek" become a table-tennis star in one year? In an international experiment, a table-tennis coach gave an "unsporty" adult an hour's coaching every day for a year in a bid to make him one of the top table tennis players in Britain.

“What would Karl Marx make of the 21st Century?” - Comedian and writer Colm O'Regan casts his comic lens upon the complexities of capitalism. In this episode, the second of four, he looks at the history of the world's prevalent economic system. And to do so he gets close to Karl Marx - by visiting both his London grave and his revolutionary ideas.

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