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"Yawning, Whistling Might Get You Flagged at Airport Security", “Lessons of the world’s most unique supercentenarians”, “Turkey power outage hits big cities”,

885 просмотрs "Yawning, Whistling Might Get You Flagged at Airport Security" - Excessive yawning, whistling and too much laughter could possibly find you detained by airport security agents for further questioning, according to a recently released list. The SPOT Referral Report, which stands for "Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques," was obtained a week ago by The Intercept, which claims the unclassified report is a "closely held" Transportation Security Administration (TSA) document detailing what Behavior Detection Officers look for when observing suspicious travelers and possible terrorists at the nation's airports. “Lessons of the world’s most unique supercentenarians” - There are a handful of people left on Earth who have been alive in three separate centuries, says Rachel Nuwer. What can they – and those of a similarly extreme age – teach us? Reaching a hundredth birthday is always cause for celebration, but these days there are so many centenarians around that scientists don’t even bother trying to keep track of them all. Indeed, in 2012 the United Nations estimated that there were about 316,600 people over 100 living around the world. By 2050, that number – unbelievably – is expected to rise to over three million. “Turkey power outage hits big cities” - Transport in several Turkish cities has been severely disrupted. Massive power cuts have hit dozens of provinces across Turkey, with officials saying a break in connections with mainland Europe could be to blame. The outage has affected power stations and public transport, including Istanbul's tram and metro systems. A crisis centre has been set up at the energy ministry. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said all possible causes are being examined, including terrorism. The outage hit at 10:36 (07:36 GMT) on Tuesday morning.


March 31 2015, 15:27

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