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Three candidates to run for president in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) registered only three candidates for participation in the snap presidential election to be held April 26, RIA Novosti reported March 25.

The CEC said it registered Nursultan Nazarbayev, Turgun Syzdykov and Abelgazi Kusainov as the presidential candidates.

The presidential candidates’ registration has been completed, according to the legislation of Kazakhstan, and from March 26, all the registered candidates have a right to proceed with the pre-election agitation.

Therefore, the CEC adopted a resolution establishing the amount of the presidential candidates’ expenditures to be covered from the country’s budget.

Under the country’s electoral law, the state guarantees to candidates an equal allocation of funds to present their programs in the mass media.

Each candidate will be granted funds for a 15-minute speech on television, a 10-minute speech on the radio, as well as to publish two articles in the print media.

The funds, to be allocated to the candidates for pre-election agitation in the mass media, were calculated in line with the current rates, provided by the communication, informatization and information committee of Kazakhstan’s investments and development ministry.

The candidates will also be allocated funds for rental of premises for meetings with voters, for publication of printed agitation materials and transport costs.


March 26 2015, 14:43

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