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Dear citizens and guests of Atyrau!

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Traffic movement in Atyrau will be restricted during celebration of Nauryz.

One side of Satpaev Avenue will be temporarily closed: from the crossing of Satpayev Ave with Moldagulova Street and from Satpaev Ave till Erniyazov Street.

All vehicles, including passenger buses, after descending from the central bridge (the European part of the city) will use a bypass route: from Pushkin Street to Zharbosynov Street and further till intersection with Erniyazov Street.

Traffic movement on other roads will be as usual.

Traffic movement restriction on the above mentioned section will remain in effect from 9.00am on March 21 till 8.00pm on March 22.

Since main festive celebrations will take place on Issatay and Makhambet Square, temporary traffic movement will be restricted on the above-mentioned roads.

We would kindly ask the citizens and guests of Atyrau to be understanding of the taken road safety measures.

Akimat of Atyrau city 

March 19 2015, 01:44

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