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“Nemtsov: A Tidy Case Gets Messy”, “News Analysis: The Plot To Seize Crimea”, “Harper Lee's 'Watchman' Release Under Investigation For Alleged Elder Abuse”, “The U.S. Has Too Much Oil and Nowhere to Put It”, “The Passport King”

1 258 просмотрs “Nemtsov: A Tidy Case Gets Messy” - Allies of slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov have dismissed the versions presented by Russian investigators into the killing. Amid growing suspicions that yet another assassination of a high-profile Kremlin critic would go unsolved, Russian authorities rounded up five men just 10 days after the February 27 killing of Boris Nemtsov, parading them in front of cameras at a Moscow court house.

“News Analysis: The Plot To Seize Crimea” - Putin Says He Decided To Take Crimea Just Hours After Yanukovych's Ouster”- In early 2014, the world was caught off guard by one event after another in a crisis that culminated with Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. Moscow also claimed to be caught up in events beyond its control. “Harper Lee's 'Watchman' Release Under Investigation For Alleged Elder Abuse” - The state of Alabama is investigating the release of Harper Lee’s new novel amid allegations that her publisher, lawyer and literary agent may be involved in elder abuse. The announcement of the novel has sparked controversy over the role that Lee, now 88 and living at an assisted care facility, had in publishing her new novel called “Go Set a Watchman.” “The U.S. Has Too Much Oil and Nowhere to Put It” - Overflowing storage tanks could lead to another drop in prices. Seven months ago the giant tanks in Cushing, Okla., the largest crude oil storage hub in North America, were three-quarters empty. After spending the last few years brimming with light, sweet crude unlocked by the shale drilling revolution, the tanks held just less than 18 million barrels by late July, down from a high of 52 million in early 2013. New pipelines to refineries along the Gulf Coast had drained Cushing of more than 30 million barrels in less than a year. “The Passport King” - Christian Kalin's business is showing poor countries they have at least one resource worth selling: citizenship. In 2006, the tiny Caribbean state of St. Kitts and Nevis was in deep trouble. Its sugar plantations had closed a year earlier, gang violence had given it the dubious distinction of having one of the world’s highest murder rates, and only two governments on Earth were more indebted. A three-hour flight south of Miami, the country of 48,000 people was more or less unknown. Certainly, the two specks of volcanic rock in the middle of the West Indies weren’t of much interest to the world’s rich. St. Kitts and Nevis had run a citizenship-by-investment program—had sold passports—since 1984, but it didn’t get much attention and was never a moneymaker.





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