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N. Nazarbayev didn't make any mistake in language test - Central Election Commission

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President of Kazakhstan came to the Central Election Commission to take the test on the state language, the Kazinform correspondent informs.

The Head of State successfully passes the test without making any mistakes.

"Nursultan Nazarbayev gave answers to three questions. The first one was - our strength in unity. The second one was about the 100thbirthday of Ilyas Yessenberlin. The third question was about free command of the state language. We can conclude that N. Nazarbayev have a great command of the state language," chairperson of the linguistic commission of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan Myrzatai Zholdasbekov said.

It should be noted that N. Nazarbayev has been the only candidate who did not make any mistakes at all in the test.

Earlier, other candidates Liman Koishiyeva and Turgan Syzdykov passed the tests successfully as well.

As earlier reported, the early presidential elections in Kazakhstan are scheduled for April 26.


March 11 2015, 17:21

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