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Zhanaozen will not be renamed

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The city of Zhanaozen where in December 2011 mass riots took place, will not be renamed, stated the city Akim, Serikbai Tourymov.

 The proposal to rename the city was made by Aksakals (the Council of Elders) in October this year. They approached the Local authorities with the request to rename Zhanaozen after Beket-Ata, an 18th century Sufi philosopher, scholar, and spiritual teacher. In their opinion the name of the sacred man will influence the spiritual development of young people by educating such qualities as humanism. However, the proposal to rename the city caused mixed public reaction in Mangistau.  

“This proposal was not supported. It will be incorrect to discuss this topic after the decision was made. It is a question of time and it should be decided on the Republican level. However, it is important to consider the opinion of the population. And the rumors that on December 16 (the first anniversary of the December 16 unrest, WKT) the city will be given a new name is not true,”- cited the Akims’ words the press service of Oblast Akim.

WKT citing IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

December 10 2012, 17:58

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