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“Why bosses won't 'like' Generation Z”, “The man who posted himself to Australia”, “U.S. intensifies sanctions on Russia over Ukraine”, “U.S. intensifies sanctions on Russia over Ukraine”,

1 041 просмотрs “The man who posted himself to Australia” - In the mid-1960s, Australian athlete Reg Spiers found himself stranded in London with no money to buy a plane ticket home. Desperate to get back to Australia in time for his daughter's birthday, he decided to post himself in a wooden crate. "I just got in the thing and went. What was there to be frightened of? I'm not frightened of the dark so I just sat there. "It's like when I travel now if I go overseas. There's the seat. Sit in it, and go." Reg Spiers makes it sound very straightforward more than half a century later, but it caused a media storm in Australia at the time. “U.S. intensifies sanctions on Russia over Ukraine” - The United States hit Russia's largest bank, a major arms maker and arctic, deepwater and shale exploration by its biggest oil companies with new sanctions on Friday to punish Moscow for its intervention in Ukraine. “U.S. intensifies sanctions on Russia over Ukraine”- The US and EU have imposed an array of sanctions on Russian individuals and businesses in response to the annexation of Crimea and the crisis in eastern Ukraine. The deaths of 298 people on board a Malaysia Airlines plane destroyed over eastern Ukraine on 17 July triggered tougher EU sanctions. The US published lists of individuals and companies hit by travel bans and asset freezes on 19 March20 March28 April16 July and 12 September. The EU's lists were issued on 17 March23 March29 April12 May25 July30 July12 September and 18 December.

“Why bosses won't 'like' Generation Z” - Now that they think they finally understand millennials, some employers and consultants are already trying to size up the next generation of workers. They’re analysing the teenagers and children born since 2000 to predict how they may resemble or differ from millennials.




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