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Atyrau named the best city in Kazakhstan

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AtyrauAtyrauThe experts of the national movement "Kazakhstan-2050" published an unusual rating of the Kazakhstan cities, refers to

Contrary to all expectations the first place, based on several indicators, received neither Astana, nor Almaty. Atyrau was recognized as the most comfortable city in the republic. According to their opinion, the residents of the oil capital get more pleasures from life.

The experts came to such unexpected conclusion after they investigated 86 cities of Kazakhstan. They compared infrastructure conditions, existence of roads, schools and hospitals. They inspected housing sector, assessed the condition of the utilities, the quality of water, f air pollution extent and even the sizes of salaries and pensions.

But quite the opposite, Fort-Shevchenko city located also in the oil-producing region, happened to be among outsiders of the rating. On the other hand,  the inhabitants of this city can afford to  buy an apartment – real estate prices are so low here.

According to experts of "Kazakhstan-2050" movement, the capital of the republic couldn't win in this rating only because it is overpopulated, and there is simply not enough conveniences to all the citizens of Astana.

"When we did ranking, we used per capita indicators. And maybe, in Atyrau the situation on many indicators, in general, isn't so good. In other words, the city may not be as developed as Astana or Almaty, but it is sufficiently developed for that number of  population that lives there", - said the consultant of the national movement "Kazakhstan-2050" Dinara Khairikenova.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

February 19 2015, 14:13

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