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Atyrau-Astrakhan and Atyrau-Oral highways closed due to black ice

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Following plentiful precipitation in the form of rain, 5-6 cm thick black ice has been formed on Atyrau-Astrakhan and Atyrau-Oral highways of republican importance.

The joint decision about temporary closure was made by the Traffic Police and KazAvtoDor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations after they surveyed the above highways on February 16 on 22:00.

For safety reasons mobile road patrol posts have been organized along the above highways.

All in-transit transport is accumulated at the following settlements - Atyrau, v. Ergaliev, v. Akkistau, v. Zineden, v. Ganyushkino, v.Kotyaevka located along Atyrau-Astrakhan highway and Atyrau, v. Almaly, v. Beibarys, v. Makhambet, v. Zelyony, v.Inder located along Atyrau-Oral highway. The local governments are engaged in assisting the travelers. Timely notification of medical facilities, fire brigades and other specialized organizations have been organized.

Press-service of Internal Affairs Department 

February 17 2015, 12:35

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