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“Court ruled to release Murat Ospanov on bail”, “World oil prices up”, "Despite truce, shelling continues in parts of Ukraine”, “Egypt’s President Prohibits to Visit Libya Following ISIL Execution”, "Silicon Valley Tech Firm Employees Leading Anti-Vaccine

1 023 просмотрs “Court ruled to release Murat Ospanov on bail” - The court ruled today to fine former chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies Murat Ospanov for 1.1 billion tenge ($5.9 million) and released him right from the courtroom on bail. Ospanov was accused of taking large bribes (Part 5 of Article 311 of the Criminal Code). He pleaded not guilty during the trials. “I don't admit guilt, the accusation has not been proven, the origin of evidences is not clear, it is all far-fetched,” Ospanov told in a courtroom. The court found Murat Ospanov guilty in organization of a crime and taking bribes. “World oil prices up” - World oil prices have increased after the trades held on Friday at the leading oil stock exchanges. The data were reported by the sites of London and New York crude stock exchanges. The average price of oil futures made $61.52 (+2.24)/barrel at InterContinental Exchange (ICE). The average oil price at New York Mercantile Exchange made $52.78 (+1.57)/barrel per contract on Light Sweet Crude Oil. "Despite truce, shelling continues in parts of Ukraine”- The Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatists blamed each other on Sunday for a multitude of violations of a cease-fire during the first day the accord took effect. “Egypt’s President Prohibits to Visit Libya Following ISIL Execution” - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi said in a Monday televised address to the nation that he prohibits the country's citizens to visit Libya after the Sunday execution of 21 Egyptian Copts by ISIL militants.

“Magazine: Silicon Valley Tech Firm Employees Leading Anti-Vaccine Movement” - Silicon Valley is thought to employ some of the greatest minds on Earth. Home to Google, Yahoo, Oracle and Cisco, many of the area's residents are highly educated and make great salaries. However, a study by Wired Magazine using data from the California Department of Public Health shows that many of those uber successful, well-educated denizens of the tech industry may also be part of the problem when it comes to the outbreaks of measles the US has been grappling with in recent months.

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