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Kulibayevs are among the richest of Switzerland again

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Dinara Kulibayeva Switzerland's economic magazine Bilan has published the top 300 of the confederation's richest people in its latest issue on December 1.

Kulibayev couple has retained the 3rd place in the rating.

"Dinara remains one of the most unseen richest ladies living in Switzerland. If she hadn't bought a villa in Agnières for 72mln francs in 2009, we wouldn't have known of her presence in Switzerland at all, reads the magazine. - Her spouse, an oligarch Timur Kulibayev, who doesn't permanently reside in Switzerland, heads KazEnergy (an association of largest oil and gas sector companies)."

The list is compiled upon two criteria: a candidate must be a Swiss citizen or a Swiss resident and have over 100mln francs.  

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December 6 2012, 14:13

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