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Atyrau helps relatives of Ukrainians killed in Kulsary-Atyrau highway car crash (update)

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Tamara Soukhomlinova

The wife of the deceased Anatoly Mashtakov - Oksana and his son Dmitry (in the center) with the residents of Atyrau who helped the family during their difficult times.The wife of the deceased Anatoly Mashtakov - Oksana and his son Dmitry (in the center) with the residents of Atyrau who helped the family during their difficult times.After our publication “Son of engineer from Lugansk who died in road accident asks for help” compassionate residents of Atyrau responded and provided assistance to the Ukrainian family.

On February 10, Alkhazur Abubakirov - a private businessman - took all costs for transportation of the body of Anatoly Mashtakov who died in car accident on February 7 to Pyatigorsk city (see “Three persons died on Atyrau-Kulsary traffic accident”) From the correspondence with Evgeni, the son of the deceased A. Mashtakova (his e-mail was specified in our publication) Alkhazur Abubakirov learned that on February the wife of the deceased Oksana and his other son Dmitry (y.o)10 were arriving to Atyrau from Astrakhan. At that time nobody knew who will take away from mortuary in Kulsary the bodies of the deceased persons (33-y.o. Liliya Zhezherya and her 13-year-old son Andrey, as well as A. Mashtakov, who were all the residents of Lugansk).

People who wished to help, called the editorial office all day long. All those calls were redirected to Alkhazur. This energetic man became the informal coordinator of the initiative group that assisted the families of the deceased.

Alexey MashtakovAnatoly MashtakovWe also found in social networks  the telephone of Lilia Zhezherya's sister - Tatyana Tarasova. She informed that Liliya’s ex-husband and her father-in-law Nikolay also left for Atyrau. We took their mobile numbers and sent them to Alkhazur.

On February 10, in the evening the initiative group met with A. Mashtakov's relatives at the railway station. Oksana Ivanovna prefers not to speak about the war in Ukraine. She only says that her husband was a very good person. She several times repeated: “I sincerely wish that in your country there was always peace. This is the most important thing!”.

Alkhazur and the chairman of the Ukrainian ethno-cultural center Olga Pavlenko gave to A. Mashtakov's family a half of the money collected by the Atyralians. The other half will be transferred to L. Zhezher's relatives.

In Internet under Liliya and Andrey's mourning photos the relatives answer the questions of their friends.

Why did she travel so far? To start a new life, away from the war.

In the evening the eldest son of Anatoly Mashtakov - Evgeny contacted, who wrote : “My mother and all other member of our family are very grateful for all your help and support. We admire the people of Kazakhstan and Atyrau. You are strongly tied to each and very friendly and ready to help strangers in such difficult circumstances. Thank you, you did so much for us.”

Liliya and Andrey Zhezherya.Liliya and Andrey Zhezherya. Photos from social networks.On the night of the 11th Feb., the relatives of Liliya and Andrey Zhezher contacted us and said that they cannot cross the Russian-Kazakhstan border because they don’t have international passports with them. According to the latest information, the relatives of Anatoly Mashtakov together with the representatives of the initiative group left for Kulsary this morning. We hope that law enforcement agencies will provide every assistance to the relatives and the bodies of the deceased people will be handed over the relatives without delay. In this case the bodies of Liliya and her son Andrey will be handed to their relatives on the Russian-Kazakhstan border at Karaozek post (Krasny Yar) where they will be waiting.


Photos taken by T. Sukhomlinova

February 11 2015, 16:00

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