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Poisoning cases in Atyrau and Zhanbai

February 10 2015, 11:00

By Murat Sultangaliev

Illustrative photo from archive.Illustrative photo from archive.In Atyrau “poisoning of an unknown etiology” took place. On February 8, at 10pm four children from house # 5 from suburban village Birlik-2 (kids were 10, 7, 6 and 5 years old) and 4-y.o. boy from Dossorsky Drive has been delivered to the reception ward of the regional children's hospital with the diagnosis “poisoning with unknown substance”. When kids got necessary treatment they were sent home.

In the second case the reason of poisoning has been established. As it was reported by the press service of Internal Affairs Department, on February 8, 44, 37 and 23y.o. adults and 8, 3 and 2y.o. children who got poisoned with natural gas have been delivered to the therapeutic department of the central hospital in Issatai District. They all are from one and the same family that live in house #12 on Nysanov Street in Zhanbai village. They currently remain under the doctors’ supervision.

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