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City Mayor gave the report for 2014

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Prepared by Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Atyrau city Mayor Nurlybek OzhayevAtyrau city Mayor Nurlybek OzhayevAt the House of Culture named after Kurmangazy in Zhilgorodok Atyrau city Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev made a report about the results of social and economic development in 2014 and outlined the plans for 2015.


In the last 3 years the population of Atyrau increased by 21 000 people and now makes 290 000.

Out of 6492 people registered at unemployment center - 1734 have been employed, 823 have been sent to re-training courses and 851 got temporary jobs.

As per “Employment-2020 road map” program - 143 people received loans for the total amount of 352,7 million tenge and opened 816 workplaces.

Two schools and three kindergartens were opened and with the assistance of sponsors 10 kindergartens and 5 schools have been refurbished.

In 2014 the Mayor’s Office and 14 private medical companies signed memorandums for rendering free medical services to WW2 participants. The medical companies are overlooking 51 veterans of war.

The third of all law violations (23 700 out of 66 880) have been detected with the help of external video surveillance.

The residents of 8 failing houses have been allocated with 64 apartments; the orphans and children left without parental guardianship received 163 apartments; the residents of  relocated Baishonas village received 136 apprtments.

936 undeveloped land plots have been identified and documents for 727 land plots have been sent to authorized agencies for review.

According to “Thermal renovation” program - 22 apartment houses have been repaired.


In the current year within the framework of “Affordable housing-2020” program it is scheduled to commission 12 residential houses with 465 apartments (the project is financed from the republican budget). Besides, 3 houses with 420 apartments will be built on the local budget funds.

At the dispatching centers and in 250 buses it is planned to install GPSs, as well as LED boards will be installed on 25 bus stops.

52 apartment houses, as well as social facilities in Balykshi will be hooked-up to centralized heating system and provided with hot water.

In 2015 it is scheduled to commission 15 more greenhouses.

February 9 2015, 11:22

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