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The Year of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan launched

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By Anastasiya Pastoukhova

On February 6, in all the regions of our country, including Atyrau, the event took place that marked the opening of the Year of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan(PAK).

The official start of the Year was given at the sports and cultural complex “Zhaik”, where besides the government officials were the veterans of war, the heads of ethno-cultural associations and students. The touching and beautiful part of the event was when the representatives of different ethno-cultiral communties, living in our region, came out to the stage singing songs and dancing.The actors of the Drama Theater named after Makhambet Utemissov made a spectacular show dedicated to the celebration of the 550th anniversary of Kazakh khanate.

One more event took place within the framework of the Year of PAK in Atyrau- the Institute of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has been established, that functions on the basis of the local Atyrau Uni. 

During the Year of APK the region plans to hold 9 republican competitions of the Assembly. Their results will be announced at the Forum of the People of Kazakhstan in December. What types of competitions and how to participate in them will be announced later.

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February 6 2015, 17:34

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