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Ibisbill chosen the bird of the year in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan Association of Biodiversity together with the Bird Conservation Union of Kazakhstan has chosen Ibisbill the bird of the year.

Ibisbill lives exclusively in Central Asia. This type of waders is grey with a white belly, red legs and long down-curved bill, a black face and black breast band. Ibisbill listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan as a rare species with limited distribution. In our country it inhabits the highlands of Northern and Central Tien Shan and Dzhungar, reports.

The Ibisbill breeds across southern Central Asia along stony riverbeds, typically between 1,700 and 4,400 m (5,600 and 14,400 ft).

The Bird of the Year project is aimed at raising public awareness of Kazakhstan on rare and endangered species of birds. In 2014, white-headed duck was chosen the bird of the year. It is worth noting that the duck is depicted in the logo of the KAB.

As noted by the press service of the organization, the image of Ibisbill will become an emblem of the XIV International Ornithological Conference of Northern Eurasia which is to be held in August 2015 in Almaty.

February 4 2015, 15:47

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