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Kazakh Song became famous in Africa, even local football team was named after it

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

This village is called Kafuta in Gambia and has changed their football team name after "Balkadisha Toni Turi" as a tribute to Toni Turi's first music collection. This Kazakh Folk Song "Balkadisha" was remastered by TONI TURI and landed in Gambia, Africa fpr the first time ever.....

Ak Zhaik wrote about Toni Turi ("Neapolitan song ambassador in Atyrau"), an Italian engineer, who recorded his first music clip by performing a new song "Amo te" (I love you), which he composed together with the Italian musician and composer Augusto Amicucci, who currently lives in Almaty. The song contains the Kazakh text too.

Now Toni Turi is wining the hearts of worldwide audeince with Kazakh songs that he learnt when he lived and worked in Atyrau.

February 3 2015, 15:56

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