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Gas pipeline exploded near Uralsk

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The ignition at the pipeline happened between Noven’ki and Akzhol villages in Zelenovsky Disttic of West Kazakhstan Oblast about 3:00am at night, reports referring to “Moi gorod” portal.

“According to eyewitnesses, first they heard the sound a slight bang- similar to explosion and then they saw a huge flame several meters high. The fire was so big and strong, people could see it from the city”, - reads the message of the portal.

It became clear that the gas pipeline belongs to gas-main pipeline management “Uralsk - Central Asia”. This is an international gas pipeline Orenburg - Novopskov with a diameter of 1200 mm, local Governor’s press service reported.

“The fire started about 3:00 at night and a emergency operations center was formed. Emergency situation has been declared. This pipeline supplies gas to 22 settlements of the Zelenovsky, Taskalinsky Districts and Uralsk. In the risk zone there are 12 hospitals, 18 schools, 3 kindergartens and 14 clubs”, reads the report.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

February 2 2015, 10:59

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