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Kazakh language to be converted to Latin alphabet – MCS RK

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Program on transition of Kazakh language to Latin alphabet was adopted, Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly has said today at the CCS briefing.

"The Program on transition of Kazakh language to Latin alphabet has been already adopted, and it will operate under the schedule," Mukhamediuly stressed, reports.

The Minister clarified that the issue is related to the education sphere, and there is no need to accelerate this process, as there are no special conditions for this, Kazinform refers to the website of the Prime Minister.

"At the moment, scientists work on the issue, and it is proposed to enter Latin alphabet on keyboard, that we have. However, national features of pronunciation of Kazakh language require additional decisions. It is not simple, we need to integrate to the international community through the less painful way," he highlighted.

January 30 2015, 15:14

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