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38 Chinese citizens will be deported from Kazakhstan

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

38 citizens of the People's Republic of China should be deported from Kazakhstan according to the resolution of the administrative court of Atyrau.

On January 22 during the joint raid of the local prosecutors and police inspectors in Atyrau 38 Chinese citizens have been detained. It was revealed that they entered Kazakhstan on September 10, 2014 through the Almaty check-point with business visit - to render consulting services to one of the limited liability partnerships. In their documents the terms of stay in Kazakhstan was till August 15, 2015. But after arriving to Atyrau, the Chinese haven’t been registered for temporary stay in law-enforcement agencies, thereby they broke the law.

According to Boranbai Galiev, the press secretary of the regional court, at the meeting of the administrative court of Atyrau on January 27, 2015 these Chinese citizens have fully admitted their guilt that they violated an administrative law. The court ruled to deport them out of the country. They need to leave the territory of Kazakhstan in five days from the moment of enforcement of the court ruling. 

January 28 2015, 12:57

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