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Aktau tagged the best city in CIS

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Aktau won the contest called “The city where you want to live”. The 7th contest was held in Moscow where participated over 40 capitals and administrative centers of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Last year the winner was Astana, reports.

The Governor of Aktau Edil Zhanbyrshin said that the Moscow jury took into consideration the speed of infrastructure development, the quality and timely solution of organizational and technical issues, that prompted to choose Aktau as the best among the best.

The idea of this contest belongs to the International Assembly of capital and major cities that was supported by the Executive Committee of CIS counties and Integrational Committee of the Eurasian Economic Union.  

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

January 28 2015, 11:22

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