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CNN Looks Forward to Resume Broadcasting in Russia as Soon as Possible

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Turner International company stated that the company was working on the dates of the meeting with Russia’s regulator towards the end of the month to discuss the process of getting CNN International back in the country.

American TV channel CNN hopes to resume its broadcasting in Russia as soon as possible, a representative from Turner International company, a division of Time Warner Company, which owns CNN, told Sputnik News on Monday, reports.

“We look forward to finding a way forward to resume distribution as soon as possible,” the representative said.

CNN stopped cable broadcasting in Russian market on January 1, 2015 due to the recent changes in Russian media legislation. The Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. which owns CNN then stated that they hoped to return to the Russian market as soon as the distribution options are assessed.


The Turner International representative noted that the company is working on the dates of the meeting with Russia’s regulator towards the end of the month to discuss the process of getting CNN International back in the country.

“Dates can fluctuate of course, but that’s our intention,” the representative concluded.

Founded in 1980, CNN opened its Russian division in 1983 and was the first to broadcast news on a 24-hour basis.

January 27 2015, 14:49

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