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Production of chemicals for oil industry planned to start in Atyrau

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The Bashkir specialists intend to run the production of chemicals for the oil and gas industries in Atyrau, the Governor’s office of the region reported.

"The representatives of the delegation from Bashkortostan met with governor of Atyrau region Baktykozha Izmukhambetov in Atyrau. The governor of the region noted that from January 1, the Eurasian Economic Union has come into force, so such visits concerning mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, just what we needed," the message reads.

According to representative of the Bashkir delegation Oleg Ptashko, in Atyrau his colleagues plan to build a plant for the production of chemicals for the oil and gas industries, Strategy 2050 IA reported.

"In this region, one of the components of investment attractiveness is the presence of a special economic zone. And we would like to start our project right there", O. Ptashko said.

Bashkortostan and the Governor’s office of Atyrau region signed the Memorandum of cooperation not long ago.

January 20 2015, 05:11

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