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Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany

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By Anastassiya Pastukhova

On January 19, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the 12 main holy days – Epiphany or Holy Manifestation of the Saviour Christ.

Round midday on the river Ural near the bridge located at Alieva Street a lot of people gathered together. After the prayer the senior priest of the St. Uspen Cathedral the Father Mikhail blessed the water and besprinkled the people with water from the hole in ice. There were many people who wanted to plunge into water, but the queue was regulated by the rescue team. On the bank of the river there was an ambulance, but, fortunately, nobody needed first aid.

Together with Orthodox Christians a lot of Muslim people submerged into water three times. Those who didn’t dare to submerge into the frozen river, just filled the bottles and took it home.

- The water on this day possesses special qualities, it keeps for a long time and doesn’t go off – says the Father Mikhail. I collected water into a tank 5 years ago and it is still fresh.

Photo take by the author

January 19 2015, 20:00

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