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Kazakhstan citizens ordered 97 more gold smartphones

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Five gold Caviar Kazakistan smartphones were sold on the first day, interest to the exclusive device increases promptly therefore Caviar brand made a decision to continue releasing of this model, reports.

The developer reported that this quantity of smartphone copies all the same remains strictly limited, it will allow to keep a thing exclusivity.

After successful sales of five "pilot" copies, the Caviar company made a decision on additional release of 97 more phones. This number was chosen not incidentally: the Bayterek tower’s height constructed in 1997 in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana is this much. The well-known tower and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation are represented on the gold case of the phone. Besides the device is decorated with an inscription: "Dedicato al Grande Kazakistan da Perla Penna". The founders of the smartphone emphasize that the inscription is executed in Italian therefore the tracing Kazakistan seemed unusual for many people.

Clients of Caviar in Kazakhstan accepted news about additional release of phones with enthusiasm: jeweler iPhone caused a great interest among business elite of Astana, and now 97 more patriots of the republic will be able to become owners of exclusive gold cellular phones. Among Caviar clients in Kazakhstan are already a well-known boxer Serik Sapiyev, and also successful businessmen, politicians and cultural figures.

Thus, total amount of the next "gold" purchase of Kazakhstan citizens will make 76 million tenge. Earlier all five copies of Apple gold phones were reported to cost 790,000 tenge released by the Italian jeweler Caviar brand were bought by the staff of state structures, national companies and businessmen. The company reported: "the majority of Kazakhstan citizens prefer not to advertise their names in buyers’ lists and order the smartphones on the site"

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