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Father Of Nazarbaev's Former Son-In-Law Aliyev Dead At 82

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Mukhtar Aliev died at the 82. Mukhtar Aliyev in 1980-1982 worked as the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Kazakh SSR. In 1980-1985 he was the director of research institute of clinical and experimental surgery. During 1982 - 1987 he was the Minister of Health of Kazakh SSR. In 1987- the director of Scientific center of surgery named after A. N. Syzganov. In 1998 he founded and became the first president of the International academy of medical sciences (Brussels, Belgium).

Mukhtar Aliyev was the deputy of the Supreme Council of RoK, the member of political Asar party, the member of political Nur Otan party. He has many awards and medals: Halyk Kakharmany (Hero of the Nation, two times winner of the RoK State Award RK, and has the title of an honourable citizen of Almaty.Rakhat Aliev -- the former husband of Nazarbaev's eldest daughter, Darigha -- has been under arrest in Austria since June.

His son Rakhat Aliyev is wanted in Kazakhstan on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering two bankers in 2007, as well as other charges, all of which he says are politically motivated.

Austrian authorities have twice declined to extradite him to Kazakhstan, citing concerns that he would not receive a fair trial.

Rakhat Aliev was Kazakhstan's ambassador to Austria in 2007 when allegations against him first surfaced. By that time, he had become a critic of his then father-in-law, Nazarbaev.

Mukhtar Aliev left for Europe at that time but returned unexpectedly to Kazkhstan in 2009, saying he needed to help his wife. He described her as being "under house arrest."

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