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Turn on headlights while driving as of January 7 – new traffic rules

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New Traffic regulations published in the republican press, will come into force in 7 days.

New traffic regulations have been approved by the resolution # 1196 of the RoK Government on November 13, 2014.

On December 27, new traffic regulations have been published officially, and as of January 7, the drivers in Kazakhstan should follow the new rules.

To recall, a lot of amendments have been introduced into the Traffic rules after the adoption of law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On road traffic”, including rather disputable changes that caused many complaints of the public.

In particular, mandatory registration of the power of attorney for a vehicle is mentioned in traffic regulations for several times, though it was promised that this legislative norm would be cancelled as of January 1.  

Also the new rules retained the ban to park “on roads and streets of settlements, except the places that are specially allocated for this purpose and designated by the corresponding road signs”, was even protested by the republican prosecutors.

Item 19 of new traffic regulations obliging the drivers to turn on dimmed headlights, fog lights or navigation lights on all roads without exception during daylight hours will become one of the main innovations. Earlier this requirement extended only to cars driving on highways outside the settlement zones.

Also, the rules became stricter on driving the kids under 12 years of age without special chairs.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

December 30 2014, 11:45

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