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“Astana Opera goes on tour to Italy”, “Energy of the Future conference kicks off in Astana”, “Crude harvest: selling Mexico's oil”, “Missing AirAsia jet likely 'at bottom of sea”, “The Interview makes $15m in online release”,

1 028 просмотрs “Astana Opera goes on tour to Italy” - A ballet troupe of "Astana Opera" will for the first time ever perform at the stage of the famous ancient theater "Carlo Felice" (Genoa). January 21, 23, 24, 25, 27 foreign audience will be presented a performance of Aram Khachaturian "Spartacus" staged by the great master of the world choreography Yuri Grigorovich. Besides, Astana Opera Theater will perform a vivid program called "Gala Ballet".

“Energy of the Future conference kicks off in Astana” - An international conference themed Energy of the Future has kicked off in Astana. Organized by NC Astana EXPO-2017 JSC, the event is held within the framework of celebrations of the Industrialization Day in Kazakhstan. “Crude harvest: selling Mexico's oil” - Mexicomay be hitting the perfect storm when it opens its energy resources to foreign investors. Against the backdrop of Mexico's ever-widening gap between rich and poor, growing violence, and stalled economy, President Enrique Pena Nieto has passed a series of economic reforms. Under these reforms, Mexico's oil, which was expropriated from foreign interests 75 years ago, is now for sale to private, international companies.

Missing AirAsia jet likely 'at bottom of sea” - As ships and planes search Indonesian waters, official says jet carrying 162 people is presumed crashed at sea. “The Interview makes $15m in online release” - Controversial Sony film The Interview has become the number one online movie ever released by the studio just four days after its release on 24 December. The film raked in over $15m (£9.6m) and was downloaded more than two million times as of 27 December. The film, about a fictional American plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was initially halted from being released by the studio.

“Italian, Greek rescuers evacuate more than 200 people from ferry Norman Atlantic” - Italian and Greek rescuers have evacuated 211 from ferry Norman Atlantic to cargo ships sailing nearby. Several evacuatees were already taken to Italian hospitals by helicopters, Greek state television NERIT reported on Monday. According to latest reports, 256 are staying on board the ferry and are being evacuated gradually.

December 29 2014, 15:12

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