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Best foreign investors named in Astana

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Since 2010, the manufacturing industry of Kazakhstan attracted $15.9 billion of foreign direct investment.

Astana hosted the annual award ceremony for foreign investors actively working in Kazakhstan. 8 companies were awarded for their contribution to the industrialization of Kazakhstan, expansion of investment and development of high-tech industries, informed.

The organizer of this event was the JSC "National Agency for Export and Investment "KAZNEX INVEST" RK MID, refers to

The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev, as well as foreign investors, heads of foreign diplomatic missions, business associations and organizations.

The following companies were awarded tor investment activity: Japanese - Shimadzu (manufacturing of X-ray machines in SKO) and NYK Line (construction of an automobile logistics terminal in Almaty), German - Heidelberg Cement (construction of a cement and four concrete plants), Metro Cash Carry (construction of eight trade centers Metro Cash Carry), Turkish Galaksi Group (production of construction materials in Almaty), Australian ORICA (production of emulsion matrix in Pavlodar region) and Korean POSCO (production of titanium slabs in EKO).

Since 2010, the manufacturing industry of Kazakhstan has attracted $15.9 billion of foreign direct investment. This is 2.5 times more than during the five years prior to the state program FIID. In 2015 the second five-year program of industrialization of the country starts, aimed at fulfillment of high-tech projects, including with participation of leading foreign investors.

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