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France Alps: Snow strands thousands of motorists in Savoy

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Many drivers were forced to spend the night in their carsMany drivers were forced to spend the night in their carsSnow and ice in the French Alps have stranded thousands of vehicles for a second day, snarling up holiday traffic to and from ski resorts.

The authorities in the Savoy region said up to 15,000 people spent Saturday night in emergency accommodation.

Meanwhile, hundreds of air passengers were stranded at an airport in Chambery with some reporting a lack of facilities.

The cold snap has also caused disruption in the UK and Germany.

Conditions improved on Sunday, with French forecasters lifting an orange weather alert - France's second highest - of ice and snow, according to French media reports.

The French government had earlier urged drivers to "exercise the utmost caution" and avoid travel if possible.

December 29 2014, 11:03

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