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Police car hit a pedestrian, but road police denies the fact

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By Murat Sultangaliev

The visitors of our website sent us the video of the road accident which took place in Atyrau, near the railway station (see the video). The quality of the record is not very good. The fact that the girl was hit by the traffic police car could only be guessed though the conversations in the crowd of witnesses of the accident and people’s remarks.

This road accident remained unregistered. The police administration denies this fact. The hospital workers also deny the fact that the girl was accepted to the emergency traumatologic hospital.

Atyrau regional Internal Affairs Traffic police department chief Talgat Mardenov says:

- If there was a road accident, then it should be registered in the protocol, but we don’t have such record. At least, I am not aware of this fact...

Atyrau traffic police chief Marat Kubaev:

- This is incorrect information. It didn’t’ happen.

The video was taken in snowy weather. According to the weather forecaster of the local Hydrometeorological center Koulaina Myrzasheva, it was snowing in Atyrau on December 1-2.

The doctors of traumatologic and neurotraumatologic departments of the local regional hospital deny the fact that such girl with road accident injuries was delivered to the hospital.

December 22 2014, 16:05

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