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Gasoline prices to drop in Kazakhstan - Vice Minister Karabalin

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A decline in gasoline prices is expected in Kazakhstan soon, according to Uzakbai Karabalin, the First Vice Energy Minister of Kazakhstan.

"The gasoline prices will drop," he said at the Tuesday press conference at the Central Communications Service in Astana. "Marginal petroleum prices adjusted by the Government are expected to decline in the nearest future. The prices of AI-92 gasoline will drop from 128 to 115 tenge per liter. AI-80 gasoline prices will remain at the same level - 89 tenge per liter. Diesel fuel prices will go down from 115 to 107 tenge per liter," Vice Minister Karabalin stated.

Earlier Mr. Karabalin announced that gasoline prices can change, but it is unlikely they will reach 370 tenge per liter.

December 9 2014, 15:20

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