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“15 Items That Can Save Your Family’s Life”, "12 Magnates who Won’t Leave Wealth To Kids but To Philanthropy", "Trafficking in children on the rise, says new UN report", "Leaders of Kazakhstan"

1 250 просмотрs “15 Items That Can Save Your Family’s Life” - Nowadays, we have a huge number of devices and gadgets around us that are supposed to make our daily lives easier. It’s what we’re most focused on, our normal day-to day life – but what if something serious happens, one of the things we’d rather not think about? A fire, a burglary, a child disappears? Some items that can save you in these situations you might own already, some you maybe don’t know yet exist. "Trafficking in children on the rise, says new UN report" - One in three known victims of human trafficking is a child, and girls and women are particularly targeted and forced into "modern slavery," according to the 2014 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, released last week by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna. "Leaders of Kazakhstan"-During the Soviet era Kazakhstan was headed by people of different ethnicities, professions, ages and abilities. Among them was a dentist, a teacher, an engineer, a farmer. For a number of reasons, names and accomplishments of many of them are now forgotten. With the help of the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan we will show you how people who ruled the country from 1919 to 1991 looked like. "12 Magnates who Won’t Leave Wealth To Kids but To Philanthropy" - It used to be expected that wealthy parents would pass down that wealth to their children and keep the family taken care of. But a new generation of business tycoons and magnates have decided that their wealth will not go to their children. These super rich individuals have decided to give their money to charity to help others and encourage their children to find their own way.

November 28 2014, 10:10

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